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About Us

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Standards and Quality Committee (SQC) / InterSearch Academy

Established in 1991, the Standards and Quality Committee (SQC) sets international guidelines for InterSearch’s partner firms. Clients can be assured of the best service and quality, regardless of region or location.

All partner firms have been selected for their experience and excellent reputation in their own country as well as their ability to operate internationally.

Additionally, we have instituted the InterSearch Academy, an internal training school for consultants and researchers to better meet the needs of our cross-cultural clients.

InterSearch Academy Team

InterSearch Academy &
Standards and Quality Committee (SQC)

Lipcsei Andras

Andras Lipcsei (Chairman)
InterSearch Hungary
Email: [email protected]

Patricia Epperlein

Patricia Epperlein
InterSearch Brazil
Email: [email protected]

Jyorden Misra

Jyorden Misra
InterSearch India
Email: [email protected]

Strategy and Processes

Each InterSearch partner office is represented by executive recruitment consultants who are experts in their country, as well as in their individual industry or functional practices. Through identifying, assessing and securing world-class leadership, InterSearch links top talent with our clients to build strong and lasting companies. Combining deep industry knowledge with local expertise, each InterSearch organization helps clients achieve strategic business objectives through the acquisition of superior talent.

Our global clients have applauded InterSearch for:

  • Global capability and in-depth knowledge in a local setting
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Worldwide quality standards
  • Quality and reliability of service
  • Global key-account initiatives
  • Global fee agreements and guarantees

Our History - A History Marked by Excellence



October 10, 1989

  • Original founders' meeting held in Paris, France
  • The international organization officially named and branded “InterSearch Worldwide”
  • Conferences held in Hamburg, Germany, and Stockholm, Sweden
  • Inception of the world-wide Standard Quality and Best Practices Committee
  • Conference held in New York, USA
  • InterSearch grows to 50 offices in 19 countries
  • Conference held in Budapest, Hungary
  • InterSearch trademark process begins
  • Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • The InterSearch Academy founded to train new consultants and staff members on international best practices and standards
  • Conference in Jerusalem, Israel
  • InterSearch grows to 92 offices in 38 countries
  • Conference 2006 in Beijing, China
  • InterSearch grows to 100 offices in 41 countries
  • Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • InterSearch operates in 45 countries with over 90 offices
  • Conference in Budapest, Hungary
  • Global Conference in Marseille, France
  • New offices in Canada, South Korea, Sweden
  • Global conference in St.Petersburg, Russia
  • New offices in UK, Spain, Mexico
  • Global conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • New offices in China, Morocco, Switzerland, UAE
  • Global conference in Berlin, Germany
  • New offices in Colombia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Norway, Oman
  • Global Conference in Jodhpur, India
  • New offices in South Africa, Spain
  • Global conference in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada
  • New offices in Costa Rica, Indonesia, Panama, Sweden, the Philippines
  • Global conference in Cape Town, South Africa
  • New member in the USA
  • InterSearch operates in 53 countries




About InterSearch

InterSearch was established in 1989 with only 4 partners. Today, InterSearch operates in over 50 countries and 90 offices around the world. InterSearch prides itself on having the best local firms, as each member firm is carefully selected after a rigorous selection process. Each member firm is firmly established and has vast experience in its local market.


InterSearch believes in integrity and therefore is committed to world-wide Quality Standard and Best Practices. Our clients are assured of first-class service at every one of our 90 offices, where all the senior consultants have been selected for their experience and excellent reputation in their own country as well as their ability to operate internationally. Each partner is committed to excellence in every search and our reputation is widely known by our international clients.


InterSearch partner firms have an average of 20 years of experience. Partner firms have worked extensively with multinationals and are well positioned to take on the most challenging assignments.