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Charles Aris Inc. adds ENGAGE Talent tools to its recruiting intelligence suite

Charles Aris Inc. adds ENGAGE Talent tools to its recruiting intelligence suiteCharles Aris Inc. is proud to announce its selection of ENGAGE Talent, a sourcing platform that combines big data and predictive analytics, as the executive search firm continues to enhance its recruitment services for client organizations.

Built to deliver timely business intelligence and greater sourcing efficiency, ENGAGE software tools will enable the Charles Aris search team to quickly identify and place qualified, available and interested candidates in mission-critical roles. With more than 100 million passive candidates and eight million professionals “likely to engage” on a weekly basis, ENGAGE joins Charles Aris at the forefront of innovation in recruiting.

“This premium platform complements and, in many ways, has the potential to dramatically improve our strong suite of recruiting research tools,” said Brian Styers, Charles Aris Inc.’s senior director of knowledge management. “Our team of executive search consultants will use the predictive availability signals in ENGAGE to further refine our 14-Step Priority Search Process for the sake of clients and candidates alike.”

That alignment across organizations has impressed Charles Aris chief operating officer Allen Oakley from the start.

“What I like most about our interactions with the ENGAGE team and platform is their approach to partnership,” Oakley said. “They want to hear the voice of their consumers. ENGAGE leaders’ personal introduction of new product releases, along with proactive gathering of user feedback, speaks volumes about their commitment to ensure that partnerships start strong and stay strong as each organization evolves.”

Styers sees great value in that collaborative approach.

“The ENGAGE team is remarkably responsive. They’ve developed an innovative tool that only grows more effective as they incorporate input from our professional researchers and recruiters,” Styers said. “I’m excited about what this technology can do for our clients and candidates in the marketplace.”

ENGAGE Talent CEO and founder Joseph Hanna is optimistic about the partnership’s prospective impact.

“We are extremely honored to have been selected by Charles Aris,” Hanna said. “Partnering with a premier search firm with almost 50 years of history in the space is a strong testament to the innovations we are delivering, and to their ability to adopt and influence leading-edge technologies.”

To learn more about this partnership or product, call Brian Styers at 336-378-1818 or email him.

Original Source: USA - Charles Aris Inc.

Charles Aris Inc. adds expertise in education, aerospace and autos

Charles ArisExecutive search firm Charles Aris Inc. has added three new practice leaders to its growing business development team, diversifying its recruitment capabilities in the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, and Education spaces.


Rick NoelRick Noel has joined the Charles Aris team as a practice leader focused on placing executives in the automotive industry.

Rick joined the Greensboro-based firm with 31 years of experience in engineering, operations, quality and project management – including 17 years in the automotive industry. His track record is strong: Rick previously worked with organizations such as Johnson Controls and Magna International, and spent 14 years in the industrial engineered products arena while serving in global senior leadership roles with companies such as Danaher and Actuant Corporation.

To learn more, call Rick Noel at 336-378-1818 x9137 or email him at [email protected].

Blair BassBlair Bass has joined the Charles Aris team as an engineering and operations practice leader focused on placing executives in the aerospace and defense industries.

Blair holds senior leadership experience in business management / operations consulting. He has used his diverse background in customer service, business development, project management, IT development and deployment, operations management, inventory management, finance and sales to increase efficiency and improve profitability across functional areas.

Prior to joining Charles Aris Inc., Blair served as vice president operations in a Fortune 100 organization. Blair has also served as principal / vice president of a global consulting firm, leading its North American Aerospace & Defense practice. He has led innovation and operational improvement efforts for a wide range of multibillion-dollar and multinational corporations while focusing on leadership development and employee engagement initiatives.

To learn more, call Blair Bass at 336-378-1818 x9157 or email him at [email protected].

Susan SchurmanSusan Schurman has joined the Charles Aris team as a private equity practice leader focused on placing executives in the education space.

Susan is a strategic thought leader with proven success in cultivating high-achieving dynamic teams. Prior to joining Charles Aris Inc., she worked in many facets of corporate training and education including recruiting and developing sales and leadership teams in both retail and direct sales markets globally. Having successfully built mission-critical teams for brands including May Company and Limited Brands, Susan moved into the corporate direct sales management world, working with Avon Products to create a standardized national recruiting and training program for its salesforce of more than 500,000.

Susan continued to expand her expertise in corporate training and development as the national director of sales and marketing for Motives Cosmetics, where her international teams in the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Canada showed unprecedented sales growth.

To learn more, call Susan Schurman at 336-378-1818 x9159 or email her at [email protected].

  • Ashlee Wagner has promoted from senior associate recruiter to associate practice leader. Ashlee places elite strategy consultants in a variety of industries and functions.
  • Alissa Hornbuckle has promoted from associate recruiter to senior associate recruiter. Alissa places senior leaders in an array of industries and functions.

With a strong work ethic and results to match, Ashlee Wagner is dialed in

With a strong work ethic and results to match, Ashlee Wagner is dialed inby Joe Metts
Marketing Intern at Charles Aris Inc.

As an organization that thrives thanks to the strength of its people, Charles Aris Inc. is proud to highlight its outstanding team members. In our new Spotlight series, we look into the lives, experiences and expertise of Charles Aris all-stars in an effort to share more about who we are individually and collectively.

At home, at work and even abroad, Charles Aris associate practice leader Ashlee Wagner makes every minute count. And oh how the minutes add up.

“Ashlee has been with us for two years but has the phone time for four,” CEO Chad Oakley told the Charles Aris team in December as he recognized Ashlee’s invaluable service to the executive recruiting firm and its client organizations around the world.

With zero professional recruiting experience to her name before joining Charles Aris Inc., the jill-of-all-trades has established herself as a standout search consultant in short order. You wouldn’t know it through a simple conversation in passing, but Ashlee is a big deal – and she puts big deals together for organizations seeking the planet’s top talent.

Charles Aris practice leader Jill Jitima, who remembers Ashlee’s three-year run as a multiple lines sales representative at State Farm beforehand, understands why Ashlee is so successful in recruiting now.

“Ashlee is willing to do all the work to get better – and faster than most,” Jill said. “She doesn’t let any detail slip through the cracks, and she holds everyone accountable.”

Originally from Atlanta, Ashlee moved to Maryland with her parents and older sister at the age of 3. Her father served as a longtime employee for Marriott International Inc. and Avendra, while her mother owned and operated a small business.

“I developed my work ethic from them,” Ashlee said. “They didn’t let me stay home and be bored. I was always playing sports or doing something.”

That work ethic resulted in a number of opportunities which began with a role at Panera at the age of 15. She worked full time throughout high school and continued to do so during her college years, finding time to balance numerous obligations while maintaining a strict academic course load.

Ashlee relocated from Frederick, Maryland, to North Carolina in 2007 to pursue a degree in business administration at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she began to lay the foundation for what has become a stellar professional career, a blossoming marriage and a passion for adventure.

10007390_10203982395299964_4849199386299167267_n     15219551_10210883121859311_1278670826301252020_n


From a young age, Ashlee had – and to this day retains – an unquenchable desire to travel. With childhood visits to the Bahamas, Canada and the West Coast of the United States under her belt, Ashlee set a handful of goals to see the world. That still includes her aim to reach each of the world’s seven continents.

“Being a people person, it was hard not to know much about the world,” Ashlee said. “My sister was born in London and has dual citizenship, so I was always slightly jealous of that because she got to do some really cool things.”

That passion for travel and the world around her quickly became a staple of Ashlee’s life – one that she would soon share in a budding relationship.

Not knowing that her future husband was sitting behind her in their “Introduction to Business” class, Ashlee received a Facebook message from a boy named John not long into the first semester of her freshman year in 2008. A bit of small talk sparked an interest that would result in a serious relationship unlike anything Ashlee was expecting at the time. With a foundation of common goals and a desire to see the world together, the pair was off and running on an enthusiastic journey.

535247_10205607924937189_8742269822360451925_n     12804882_10208482741051291_3691626143977142391_n


Ashlee graduated from college in December 2011 and sought a career opportunity in sales and marketing, landing with State Farm Insurance agent Eddie Collins in Greensboro. Not long after, John joined the State Farm family in a financial services role. Along the way, the couple enjoyed their first international trip together – an adventure to Mexico, marking John’s first time outside the States, and became engaged in May 2013.

Life’s pace began to quicken in 2014, with Ashlee and John marrying in September and Ashlee transitioning to executive recruiting at Charles Aris Inc. two months later.

“My husband was great at and very interested in the financial services side of things at State Farm, and I knew it would be hard to build our careers together at the same place,” Ashlee said. “That was his dream and his passion, and I was excited to figure out mine.”

Knowing that his wife was interested in making her next career move, John reached out to State Farm colleague Nick Jitima, the husband of Charles Aris practice leader Jill Jitima, who at the time was working as a project manager in the executive recruiting firm. Seeing the promise of a career to come, Jill contacted Ashlee about an associate recruiting opportunity at Charles Aris, opening the door to what would become Ashlee’s professional breakthrough.

“I knew from Nick that she was a very high performer at State Farm,” Jill said. “The goals she set and her results there made her the type of person we needed, and she had the drive necessary to succeed at Charles Aris. That is half the battle – and the rest can be taught. I knew before we ever spoke that she would probably be good at this.”

After navigating the Charles Aris hiring process, Ashlee knew this was where she wanted to be.

“I liked Charles Aris right off the bat because of the people – the Oakley family in particular and the family feeling that they have established,” Ashlee said. “It was important to me to have that smaller community feeling. I thought, Hey, I’m going to try this out; it sounds fun and exciting!”

Little did Ashlee know that she would quickly become one of the international search firm’s most successful associate recruiters. With a knack for effective communication and genuine connection, she rapidly developed a style that enabled her to identify, persuade and place A-level talent in senior roles. And she refused to allow time to be anything other than on her side.

“Ashlee is always dependable and has such a great energy and attitude about her, even when she comes in very early or stays late,” said Charles Aris administrative assistant Auguste Janovic.

And all of those extra hours are paying off. After finding early success, Ashlee set a goal of promotion to senior associate recruiter, a feat she accomplished in March 2016.

“Hope is not a strategy at Charles Aris, and Ashlee never leaves anything to luck or chance,” Jill said. “The hours she is willing to put in and her willingness to be on the phone and bounce back from any situation is incredible.”

Ashlee remains invigorated by the opportunity.

“I always found it very cool that you can move up the ladder here,” she said. “The company never caps you or makes it impossible to reach the next milestone.”

Ashlee continues to excel, earning multiple Associate of the Month honors and, perhaps most importantly, the firm’s 2015 People’s Choice Award as selected by her colleagues.

And now? Ashlee was promoted to associate practice leader in January 2017 – and she’s fast at work on her new role’s accompanying strategic shift into business development.

“I want to go all the way to the top as quickly as I can, but at the pace that makes the most sense for me,” Ashlee said. “I want to become an expert in one area and then move on to a new and different challenge.”

And who would’ve thought she would be right here, right now? Perhaps everyone but Ashlee.

“I never imagined that I could be where I am today, considering my career goals and the executive recruiting practice I can build out,” Ashlee said. “That next challenge will be a lot of fun.”

Charles Aris Inc.’s 22 Principles serve as the compass of the company’s culture, and Ashlee’s focused mind-set and willingness to buy into that organizational ethos have certainly been critical elements in her success.

“My favorite principle has to be No. 7: Activity drives productivity,” Ashlee said. “That is absolutely true. You might have a role in a tough location or with low compensation or in a tougher industry, but if you talk to enough people you will learn more about the industry and know what to target to find the right fit.”

A second principle – No. 10, We work to live – also rings true to Ashlee.

“I get to do some incredible things with my family as a result of my hard work here,” she said.



Among her many adventures are trips to Russia, Ireland, Africa and Italy. Next on her agenda? A trip to Europe, where she and John will make stops in Germany, Austria, Denmark and the Czech Republic. The 2017 Wagner travel slate includes visits to Israel, Egypt and Jordan, with the ultimate goal of visiting all seven continents still very much in mind.

The couple plans to knock out the majority of their international traveling goals before starting a family. But of course Ashlee doesn’t plan to sit around. At that point, they will get to work on their domestic travel checklist.

Beyond her work and travels, Ashlee holds a special place in her heart for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She recalls a commute to work when she was in high school as the moment she became passionate about the hospital’s mission.

“I was driving to work one day and the St. Jude’s Radiothon came on,” Ashlee said. “I started sobbing while hearing all of these supersad stories. That really triggered my interest.”

Ashlee decided then and there to get involved, first by volunteering with the organization’s “Up ’til Dawn” danceathon at UNC Greensboro and then by participating in a half marathon where the finish line was located inside St. Jude’s.

“I remember finishing the race and seeing all of these children and families cheering us on. It was a very touching experience,” Ashlee said. “Small complaints are nothing compared to so much out in the world that is so much bigger than our little problems.”

Ashlee remains active with St. Jude’s, participating in the Raleigh Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer, Radiothons and half marathons sponsored by the organization.

At each day’s end, Ashlee’s ability to effectively prioritize her personal and professional goals, coupled with an unmatched work ethic and down-to-earth communication style, continue to set her apart – even within this nationally ranked recruiting firm.

“There’s not a secret. It’s hard work and doing the right thing – that is what gets you here,” Ashlee said. “Work ethic is the only thing that makes you successful. If you take the time and work hard to become an expert, everything else will fall into place.”

Original Source: USA - Charles Aris Inc.

How to build YOUR brand

How to build YOUR brandby Joe Metts
Marketing Intern at Charles Aris Inc.

As 2017 fast approaches, it’s imperative that hiring authorities and career candidates understand the changing dynamics of executive search. Retained executive recruiting firms are evolving as more companies turn to them to globalize their searches for the world’s top talent, with social media and technology at the heart of this evolution.

Technology has altered the way we do business, opening up an array of data accessible to recruiters around the globe. In the past, candidates were often advised not to develop a deep social-media presence, as it blurred the line between one’s professional life and personal life. People generally avoided full transparency in social media in an attempt to keep their image “strictly business” beyond their immediate circle of family and friends.

That close-to-the-vest philosophy now appears in direct contrast to a more open approach to social networks, which have become integral tools for career-minded talents and the executive search firms which seek them on behalf of client organizations. Social networks have become an avenue for professionals to build their personal brands and more clearly define who they are as individuals.

At Charles Aris Inc., we heavily factor cultural fit into the equation for every role we fill. We strive to place gifted and motivated candidates in mission-critical roles where they are natural fits with our clients. Expert vetting results in one of the highest retention rates in recruiting: An extraordinary 85.5 percent of our placements remain with our client organizations after three years.

Cutting-edge technology enables experienced recruiters to leverage a wealth of resources in the process of identifying, vetting and attracting A-level talent around the world, and social media plays a major role in fulfilling that quest. Ultimately, effective recruiters want to get to know YOU, your family, your professional and personal goals, and the ways in which they can help you achieve them. It’s easy to talk education and work experience, but cultural fit beyond the résumé is often the difference maker as recruiters work to complete talent searches on behalf of client organizations.

So as you navigate and update others on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, keep in mind that a personal touch is encouraged. Just remember that each and every social post is a direct representation of yourself as an individual, and should be treated as though your next employer is sitting in the front row of your audience. With one questionable remark or photo, qualified candidates can quickly take themselves from hero to zero.

Responsibly paint a full picture and let people know who you are after the workweek is over. Leverage social media in a way that helps you develop and illustrate your brand, the value you can provide, and the fit you may be for the current opportunity in front of a recruiter. Transparency is what creates an efficient, effective search for all parties, and will more often than not help recruiters put you in the best career situation possible.

Original Source: USA - Charles Aris Inc.

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