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Charles Aris unanimously approved as InterSearch shareholder

Charles Aris unanimously approved as InterSearch shareholderby Joe Metts
Marketing Associate at Charles Aris Inc.

Charles Aris Inc. has been unanimously selected as a shareholder of global executive search alliance InterSearch Worldwide.

The news came following the completion of the InterSearch Global Conference held in Krakow, Poland from May 18 to May 21. The conference welcomed 64 delegates from around the world – including Charles Aris founder and chairman Mitch Oakley; his wife, Betsy Aris Oakley; and Charles Aris COO Allen Oakley – representing the alliance’s partnering firms.

During the conference, InterSearch shareholders appointed the organization’s new board of directors, with leadership hailing from firms in Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Italy and the United Arab Emirates for the next three years.

Charles Aris and InterSearch provide client organizations with access to a network of the world’s best recruiters. Partner firms have been established for 20 years, on average, and have worked extensively with multinational organizations.

Combining global industry knowledge with local expertise, each InterSearch firm helps clients achieve strategic objectives by adding the world’s top human capital to their teams.

“Charles Aris Inc. is proud to serve as the official U.S. partner of InterSearch and is honored to receive shareholder status in the organization. “We remain focused on delivering world-class recruitment services to our valued clients and candidates in conjunction with InterSearch partners across the globe.”

said Brian Styers, the firm’s senior director of knowledge management.

Original Source: USA - Charles Aris Inc.

Forbes, Hunt Scanlon rank Charles Aris among top executive recruiting firms

Forbes, Hunt Scanlon rank Charles Aris among top executive recruiting firmsBy William Nesmith
Marketing Associate at Charles Aris Inc.

Charles Aris Inc. is proud to be recognized in rankings by both Forbes and Hunt Scanlon Media for a second year in a row!

Our retained executive search firm ranked among America’s Best Recruiting Firms as compiled by Forbes business magazine. Forbes analyzes thousands of data points including revenue, volume and personal recommendations.

Hunt Scanlon, meanwhile, again placed Charles Aris on its list of the nation’s Top 50 Recruiters. Each year, the media company analyzes the executive search industry and ranks the largest and fastest-growing firms in the United States.

We are proud to earn high national rankings once more and appreciate our partnerships with clients and candidates alike!

Original Source: USA - Charles Aris Inc.

Here’s to your healthcare hiring aims

Here’s to your healthcare hiring aimsby Joe Metts
Marketing Intern at Charles Aris Inc.

The backbone of any successful start-up just might be that organization’s ability to address and resolve a customer issue. Not coincidentally, that’s also the case with developing practices in the world of retained executive search.

Identifying and then serving specific functional and industry spaces can be daunting for even the most experienced and expert recruiters, but understanding mission-critical hiring needs is a fantastic place to start. That is certainly the nature of the healthcare industry, as the demand for reliable medical devices, technologies and services is a constant. Healthcare also happens to be one of the more innovative industries in the world today. This combination of factors, paired with the right recruiter with the right mix of experience and skill, has given rise to Charles Aris Inc.’s Healthcare practice in the Sales & Marketing function.

Enter Brent Anthony, an exercise and sports science graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a master’s degree in exercise science from Appalachian State University. Brent joined the firm after three years as a senior account executive for Life Systems International, a global medical device company. There, he was responsible for marketing, sales and customer fulfillment throughout its eight-state Mid-Atlantic region.

With nearly a decade of additional experience as a hospital clinician and his time in sales and marketing, Brent was a natural fit at Charles Aris. He began his tenure as an associate recruiter, a role in which he worked with a variety of veteran practice leaders to develop a broad understanding of the business world and the nuances of executive recruitment.

“I wanted to start as an associate to really learn recruiting and gain a more general business sense,” Brent said. “Early on, there wasn’t much specificity in the industries I aimed to work in or the roles I was assigned to fill.”

He found his niche recruiting leaders at the intersection of healthcare and private equity, where he began to develop strong relationships with portfolio companies in the firm’s Private Equity practice.

After putting together a string of successes on the recruiting scene, Brent earned a promotion to senior associate practice leader. This move signaled his transition from recruitment across diversified practices to business development – in particular, taking the firm’s Healthcare practice to the next level.

“I went into the [healthcare] industry because I was interested in learning how to combat a variety of healthcare issues, and I ultimately wanted to help people,” Brent said. “Helping organizations fill those mission-critical roles in the healthcare sector is a natural extension of that desire to help.”

Along with senior practice leader Jody Karavanic, who places healthcare leaders in Strategy & Corporate Development for business-to-consumer organizations, Charles Aris Inc.’s Healthcare practice has grown by leaps and bounds since its creation in 2012.

After assuming his role as senior associate practice leader, Brent established a three-pronged approach to his practice:

  • The first is the medical device arena, which encompasses all the basics found in a medicinal training room – all the way to more advanced equipment such as the electrocardiograph, designed to test for problems with the electrical activity of one’s heart and beyond.
  • The second piece is technology – essentially, any current or innovative technological development that would fall into the medical space. With the industry’s inherent demand for ever-evolving tech solutions, this is a seamless fit in Brent’s practice.
  • Healthcare services form the third sector, covering a variety of operations in service providers. This space includes physical practice and revenue cycle management. Service providers have operational processes which must be executed with precision, ideally with A-level talent at the helm.

Brent’s goal is to place the industry’s best in these critical roles with client organizations.

“My short-term goal is to continue to develop relationships at the private equity and portfolio levels so that my name is synonymous with recruiting excellence in the medical device field,” he said. “Regardless of who it is, they know our work at Charles Aris is a commodity where they will receive high-quality work at a fair price. I look forward to continuing to develop those relationships.”

Well on his way with the addition of clients in the form of P.E.-backed disposable medical device manufacturers, Brent remains focused on the long-term execution of his practice.

“There is a strong future in the medical device space; people will always need those helpful resources and the industry is surrounded by constant innovation,” he said. “Organizations need top talent to represent them in the marketplace, and I want to be that go-to, best-in-class recruiting partner for them.”

That primary focus does not take away from the practice’s other points of emphasis.

“Healthcare services are another area that I’m excited about,” Brent added. “There’s a lot of change regarding the landscape of the industry, and these companies have to be on the cutting edge. Billings, revenue cycles and value-based modeling are all things that require high-quality individuals to serve as the banner carriers in these organizations. I look forward to being a trusted adviser placing top talent in those essential client roles.”

To learn more, call Brent Anthony at 336-378-1818, extension 9126, or email him at [email protected].

Original Source: USA - Charles Aris Inc.

Who does the heavy lifting in corporate America? You do.

Who does the heavy lifting in corporate America? You Chad Oakley
Chief Executive Officer at Charles Aris Inc.

About 10 years ago, shortly after I had left Bain & Company and was ramping up my executive search practice here at Charles Aris Inc., I was in Atlanta meeting with one of my clients – the Executive Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development for a market-leading $10 billion company. When I walked into the EVP’s spacious office, he was seated at his desk, working feverishly on his computer, and I couldn’t help but notice that on his screen was a relatively complex Excel model.

“Hey, look at you,” I joked, “dusting off the old Excel skills?”

I never expected to see a direct report to the CEO for a company that has tens of thousands of employees waist deep in an Excel model. The EVP chuckled at my response.

“Surprising, huh?”

And then he really surprised me.

“Truth is, Chad, I’m in Excel at least four to five hours a week – and sometimes four to five hours a day when we’re closing in on a deal,” he said. “When we’re buying a company, we can’t afford to leave the details to junior analysts. I’ve got to know the ins and outs of a deal better than anyone in the organization. Sure, I might rely on junior staff to help me with some of the due diligence, but I’m the quarterback, and the quarterback has to know everything.”

I was shocked. Didn’t executives graduate from building models and PowerPoint decks and start playing a quality-control role around the Director or VP level, much less the EVP level?

Fast-forward a decade, after hundreds upon hundreds of discussions with former consultants who are now in corporate America, and I have learned the following: The best never hang up their cleats.

The most successful performers – those who climb the career ladder fastest – are still doing the heavy lifting themselves. They still run their own models (at least all the important ones) and they still build out their PowerPoint decks (at least the “million-dollar slides”).

Do they use junior staff? Yes, but selectively – and partly because they care about the next generation of leaders at their company and they enjoy coaching and mentoring. In short, the best do their work as though they own the company themselves, and they don’t leave anything to chance.

I have another compelling example to share. At this point, roughly one-third of Charles Aris clients are private equity firms, and those firms often engage us on a search for a “Chief of Staff to the CEO” or a “Head of Transformation” for one of their portfolio companies. Regardless of the title, the roles are similar and the desired profile is always the same: The P.E. firm wants a former strategy consultant who has since moved into corporate America, and who has a track record of [insert generic phrase such as “making it happen” or “moving the needle” or “pushing the company to its full potential”] by rolling up their sleeves. And then they all say what they do not want: an ivory-tower thinker who likes to delegate the real work to junior staff.

The inspiration for this article was a conversation I had with a candidate just this past week. He expressed concerns to me about the true seniority of a position for which he is interviewing, as the role only has one direct report.

“I want to make sure that this isn’t a glorified analyst position,” he said.

I fully understand his concerns, for as a principal in consulting he’s used to having teams of four to six consultants reporting to him. Thirty minutes later, I shared his thoughts with my client – but already knew the response I was going to hear because I’ve heard it so many times before.

“Chad, our group doesn’t have a bunch of junior staff running around. I’m an SVP and I still build models and slide decks, and so does my boss,” the hiring authority said. “If this candidate doesn’t care to do that work anymore, then unfortunately this probably won’t be a great fit.”

Now I’m guessing that some of you aren’t loving this message; you were hoping that the heavy lifting eventually goes away. But I do have good news: There’s no better joy in business than being the person who knows all the answers. You become the go-to person, the trusted adviser, the expert. And best of all, you become indispensable.

So … my advice? Keep those sleeves rolled up. Don’t ever lose your sense of curiosity. Relish the details. Your career will thank you!

Lastly, know that I’m in this with you. Our annual Strategy Consulting Compensation Study that we release every January? Well, it’s a beast. In the end, it’s 900-plus data points displayed throughout 12 tight slides, but it takes tens of hours to produce. And who builds the model and creates all the slides? Yup, it’s me.

Original Source: USA - Charles Aris Inc.

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