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Daria Tulubenskaya, one of the company’s directors, has become a Partner at the Agency Kontakt Group of Companies (InterSearch Group Russia)

The Agency Kontakt is announcing an important milestone in the company’s life. Daria Tulubenskaya has become a new Partner at the Agency Kontakt.

Daria TulubenskayaWithin her partner group Daria Tulubenskaya supervises the development of the following practices: “Fashion&Beauty Retail”, “Textile”, “Sports Industry”, “FMCG”.

In 2000 the Agency Kontakt adopted a management system based on partnership. The partnership institution as a key element of an efficient management of a consulting company is determined by impartial reasons and is confirmed by an over-one-hundred-year-old experience accumulated by leading foreign auditing and consulting companies. Moreover, in 2002 the Agency Kontakt introduced a special programme entitled “From Intern to Partner” which allows every employee entering an internship programme to get promoted up to a Partner after certain stages of professional development. Daria Tulubenskaya has gone through this exact programme of education and development. So far, she is the youngest Partner the Agency Kontakt Group of Companies (InterSeacrh Group Russia) has ever had.

Partnership helps increase the company’s transparency and manageability, promotes mobility and flexibility in making strategic decisions, minimizes the influence of crisis situations on the company’s business. Consulting business, directly dependant on human factor, requires strong leaders that are able to create material and intellectual basis of the company. Daria Tulubenskaya is this exact type of a leader. During her work years she has helped the Agency Kontakt to reach a fundamentally new economic level, which made her a Partner after she had received a company’s share through an optional system. Among other things, Daria was able to achieve these results due to the fact that the Agency Kontakt is a member of the international InterSearch network. InterSearch is an international network of Executive Search agencies which was founded in 1989 and is now one of the three major recruitment networks in the world. All consultants working for this organisation have a spotless reputation and are experienced in international search for and selection of highly skilled specialists in different business areas.

Besides Daria Tulubenskaya’s partner group the Agency Kontakt encompasses partner groups headed by Marina Tarnopolskaya, Yulia Zabazarnykh, Olga Sabinina, Galina Spasenova.

Biographical Note:

Daria Tulubenskaya was born in 1987. She graduated from State Management University (Moscow, Russia) with a specialization of “Personnel Management”. In 2008 Daria joined the Agency Kontakt team and entered the “From Intern to Partner” programme of education and development. Daria is one of the most successful directors at the Agency Kontakt in terms of selecting top managers and developing managing teams. She has more than 10 years of professional experience and deeply understands clients’ needs. She has implemented more than 350 projects of searching for top and middle managers both for major Russian and foreign companies. Besides, Daria is responsible for international staff selection projects within the InterSearch network, including international search for narrow specialists. She also holds internal trainings for the Agency team.

News and Press Releases

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