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Q&A with partner David Holmes

What’s your background and how did you come to work at Howgate Sable?
It was my ambition to be a singer, so after completing a degree in music at Manchester University I spent a while trying to break into the circuit before it became apparent that this was never going to earn me any money! I accepted a place on the Marks & Spencer graduate training scheme and worked in the corporate team before moving into recruitment in search of something more fast-paced.

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Executive search: what’s the value?

Although the unacquainted person may assume that ‘executive search partner’ is just a sophisticated name for a recruiter, the term is certainly not made up for effect or to make us feel superior – what it involves is a wholly different process and one that often requires some initial explanation. This, together with the growing number of recruitment agencies and increased competition from contingents, often means executive search firms need to work hard to demonstrate their value to potential clients who haven’t used one before.

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News and Press Releases

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