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What to consider when negotiating a compensation package

We all know negotiating is easier said than done after you come to a preliminary agreement with your potential employer. When done well, however, it can accelerate your career. Effective negotiation enables both parties to evaluate and understand your worth to the organization and in the marketplace.


What’s the best way to approach a potentially delicate situation? Kevin Stemke, a senior associate recruiter at Charles Aris, says the key to successful negotiation is having a plan.

“Know what’s important to you,” Stemke said. “Know what you want out of the role and in a compensation package. Think about what you’re potentially walking away from when negotiating. Think about vacation, relocation costs, real estate cost impacts, et cetera.”

Once you have all the information and have thought about the package holistically, decide what you’re willing to give up for a particular role in a particular organization – and what you’re unwilling to compromise on. When you’re ready to talk negotiation, make sure you have reasons and evidence to bolster your desire to land the best compensation package possible.

“Negotiating is a good thing and we encourage people to negotiate if there is a good reason,” Stemke said. “Have a legitimate reason behind why you want a signing bonus – not just that you want one.”

You have one shot to negotiate, so do it in good faith. Put thought into what you’re asking for; if the employer is willing to offer you what you’re asking, the fair assumption is that you will accept.

“It reflects poorly on the potential employee if the employer accepts your ask and you then come back and ask for something else,” Stemke added.

If the organization can’t or simply won’t offer what you requested, it’s time to ask yourself a few clarifying questions:

  • Am I willing to accept anyway?
  • Should I try to meet them in the middle?
  • Should I decline the offer?

Know that it’s perfectly acceptable to do what’s best for you. Just know when you’re exceeding both your limits and the organization’s.

by Madison Nance

Marketing Associate at Charles Aris Inc.

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Recruiting in the United States in 2021

Near the end of 2019, no one could have predicted the global upheaval that would kick off the second quarter of 2020 and then last throughout the year. With a pandemic that has not only caused a public health crisis but an economic recession that hit nearly every industry spanning the world, executive search firms across the InterSearch alliance have shown incredible resilience in continuing to place A-level talent in mission-critical roles.

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Desiree Corbett earns promotion to senior researcher

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Executive search firm Charles Aris Inc. has promoted Desiree Corbett, a team member who dedicates her professional time to business research across an array of Charles Aris recruiting practices, to senior researcher.


Since joining the company in October 2019, Corbett has served as an integral part of its research and analytics team, supporting the firm’s practice leaders and associate recruiters in business development and fulfillment, respectively. In her expanded role, she will continue to deepen her responsibilities in helping coordinate logistics for the firm’s research internship program; informing firmwide decisions on customer relationship management (CRM) technologies; helping lead special projects; and serving as a research project manager for executive searches.

Desiree Corbett
Desiree Corbett

“I enjoy working as a part of the research team as we strive to continuously innovate and improve our results,” Corbett said. “Each day at the firm is a new adventure, and I am excited to see how we will continue to advance together.”


Before joining Charles Aris, Corbett worked in public education for 11 years for Guilford County Schools as a high school honors English teacher and media specialist. She earned a master’s degree in library and information studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she also earned undergraduate degrees in English and general music.

Charles Aris chief operating officer Allen Oakley has been impressed with Corbett since she began her career at Charles Aris and is confident in her abilities in this senior role.

“Desiree is a true strategic thought partner and her ability to handle multiple, critical research projects at the same time is incredible,” Oakley said. “She consistently brings innovative solutions to the table and is becoming an impactful, firmwide cultural beacon for other team members to emulate. She not only has a tremendous work ethic but is also very smart about how she approaches her work. I know I speak for the entire Charles Aris family when I say we are excited about Desiree’s very well-deserved promotion to senior researcher.”

As the leader of the firm’s marketing, digital and research teams and initiatives, Charles Aris vice president Brian Styers has seen Corbett’s learning and development firsthand.

“Desiree arrived little more than a year ago and quickly became a force in our firm,” Styers said. “She expertly identifies opportunities to refine our research process and then stays on the scene to help implement solutions which she often comes up with herself. She’s simply outstanding and we all benefit from her presence, ideas and willingness to see things through. I’m so glad we get to work alongside Desiree.”

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Succession planning for the aging workforce

Succession planning is important to long-term organizational success but isn’t regularly discussed by leadership teams. Over the past few years, the Charles Aris team has all too often seen this vulnerability rear its head in industrial manufacturing. The gap between leadership teams today and the ones which will take over in three or even 10 years is a reality that organizations need to face.

Aging Workforce, charles aris, Executive Search, InterSearch, Planning

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Rethink your e-commerce strategy to meet demand

Today’s digitally centered societies make adapting to unique circumstances, such as pandemics, slightly easier than they would be otherwise. With increased demand for technology to provide for us in a time that requires flexibility and physical distancing if possible, there’s clearly a need for effective and efficient e-commerce platforms and partnerships.

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