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You found the perfect candidate. Now what?

by Derek Gracey
Senior Associate Practice Leader at Charles Aris, the InterSearch Worldwide member in the USA

You’ve arrived at the moment you’ve been waiting for – you finally found the perfect candidate. Now what? It’s easy to be tempted to drop everything and rush to the finish line with your dream candidate, but there are a few important things to keep in mind:

Ask the right questions

Just because a candidate looks perfect on paper or sounds perfect on the phone doesn’t mean you should bypass your normal process. Ask the candidate all the right questions and vet their candidacy in full. How soon are they able to start? Will there be any challenges with relocation? Do their compensation expectations match the opportunity? How do they feel about going back to an office after they’ve been remote for the past two years? Are they in any other interview processes or do they have any offers in hand already? The goal is to prevent any surprises at the finish line.

Don’t take shortcuts

You might feel tempted to jump the gun and rush the candidate through the process, but it’s important not to take shortcuts. Follow the same process with this candidate as you would with others. Sure, you should move with as much urgency as possible, but keep the candidate experience in mind as well.

Be competitive

It’s likely your candidate is interviewing with other organizations and may have competing offers by the time you get to the finish line with them. With the continuing demand for talent we’re experiencing, now is certainly not the time to lowball a candidate with a mediocre offer. That doesn’t mean you need to give the candidate an offer that makes them feel like they just won the lottery, but you should put your best foot forward as much as possible.

Put your sales hat on

Find ways throughout the interview process to keep selling the candidate on why they should come work for your organization. At Charles Aris, we often talk about the four reasons A-players changes jobs, which can provide a helpful framework as you and your team interview the perfect candidate. It’s also important to sell all the way through the finish line and find ways to continue to recruit the candidate throughout the entire process.

Move quickly

When you find the right person to fill that mission-critical role on your team, move quickly but not hastily. You’ve probably heard the phrase “time kills all deals,” and that’s especially true when it comes to recruiting A-level talent in an extremely competitive market. Your communication with the candidate should be timely, and interview feedback should be shared as quickly as possible. When a candidate waits several days or weeks for feedback regarding next steps in the process, their interest is likely to diminish, and it might be challenging to pique their interest to the previous level.

Keep searching

Even though you found the perfect candidate, it’s important to keep searching. Life happens, and you never know what might come up that could take your perfect candidate out of the running. Keep your foot on the gas pedal and ensure other candidates are moving through the interview process as well. The worst-case scenario? You’ll have a slate of back-up candidates if you need them.


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Meet new Charles Aris practice leader Mark Sapienza

Meet new Charles Aris practice leader Mark Sapienza

Charles Aris marketing manager Sydney Olszewski sat down with new practice leader Mark Sapienza to discuss his background, the details of his new practice and what he’s most excited about in this new role.

Sydney: Tell me a little bit about your background

Mark: Prior to joining Charles Aris, I was the executive vice president and general manager at HoMedics – a leader in the health and wellness space. I’ve spent the last 25 years leading sales, marketing and product development across numerous, prominent consumer brands including Sunbeam, ACCO Brands and Avedis Zildjian Cymbals.

Throughout my career, I have experienced firsthand the impact talent acquisition and management has on the success of an organization. A passion of mine has always been to align organizational design with strategy and build effective teams by identifying and developing A-level talent.

Sydney: How do you think your previous experience will integrate into this new role?

Mark: There’s no substitute for hands-on experience, it’s a huge bonus. It helps to have an understanding and appreciation of the type of talent a hiring manager is looking for. There is such a heavy interdependency in the sales and marketing world. From product development to marketing to sales to innovation and leadership, everything is intertwined, and I truly enjoy spanning the full functional spectrum.

Sydney: Describe your practice and what kinds of organizations you’ll be working with.

Mark: I’m joining the existing sales and marketing practice at Charles Aris, working adjacent to senior vice president Greg Harper. My practice will largely focus on finding top sales, marketing and product development talent for consumer durables organizations. These will be companies that specialize in household goods, furniture, apparel and more.

Sydney: When you think about this new role and joining the Charles Aris team, what are you most excited about?

Mark: It’s just an exciting opportunity from every perspective. I get to work with a broad group of clients and combine my experience in the consumer durables space with my experience in finding top talent. I have a passion for finding and hiring great talent along with the satisfaction that comes with it. It is deeply rewarding. I feel lucky to be able to get to stay in the industry I love, work among a diversified group of clients and find top level talent for their teams.

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When should you turn to an executive search firm to handle your hiring needs?

The people who make up an organization are no doubt one of the most important assets a company has. In the past few months, we’ve seen the pandemic leave its mark on the hiring market. Organizations worldwide are suffering the consequences of what is being referred to as “The Great Resignation.” In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that a whopping four million people quit their jobs in April 2021.

What does this mean for human capital teams? While hiring is – and will likely always be – a top priority, it’s even more so right now. As your organization’s human capital team prepares to make executive-level hires, consider these factors to help you determine whether it’s necessary to turn to an executive search firm to fill these roles:


Ask yourself: Does my organization’s human capital team have the expertise needed to fill this role?

The considerations: If your internal team has experience hiring for that type of role, function or industry segment, then it’s probably in your best interest to continue using internal resources for that hire. If that’s not the case, turning to an executive search firm will likely prove beneficial – but not just any executive search firm.

The key takeaway here is “expertise.” You want a search partner that has experience recruiting and successfully placing these individuals. Are you searching for a CHRO for a portfolio company? The search firm you choose should have a clear track record of working in the private equity space and finding top talent to place in this type of role. Each search firm is different, as is the function and industry experience that each recruiter holds – and expertise is not the corner you want to cut.


Ask yourself: Does my organization’s human capital team have the time to dedicate to efficiently and effectively fill this role?

The considerations: There are usually time constraints associated with an executive-level hiring need. Does your internal team have the “time to hunt” within these constraints? The benefit of working with an executive search partner is that its main goal is to find, attract and retain the right person for this role.

That means spending hours understanding the full breadth of your organization and the role itself, then additional hours more actively diving into top-tier search tools to find individuals who could be “the one.” It also means it’s dedicating a good amount of time actively reaching out to that pool of candidates to learn more about their experiences, career goals and gauge their interest in the opportunity. It means communicating and coordinating with the candidates and your organization to set up interviews, discuss compensation expectations and help formulate and negotiate offers.

That’s not to say the internal team can’t do this successfully, but it is immensely helpful to have a dedicated group of experienced recruiters work day after day to help fill some of the most important roles in your organization.


Ask yourself: Is this a role that’s confidential and sensitive in nature?

The considerations: The more confidential and sensitive the nature of the search, the more likely it is you’ll want to partner with an executive search firm. When you take this out of the hands of your internal human capital team and place it into the hands of a third party, you’re reducing the risk that this search creates any sort of conflict within the organization.

Moreover, finding the right person for a confidential search can prove to be more challenging. You can’t rely on candidates coming through a LinkedIn job posting, an internal job board or even a referral from trusted colleagues. An executive search firm is well equipped to go out and find your strong pool of candidates without the fear that confidentiality will be broken.

The takeaway

As your organization continues to work through mission-critical hiring needs, it’s important to fully consider whether your internal human capital team can execute that search – or if it’s best for your organization to turn to an executive search partner.


by Derek Gracey and Sydney Olszewski
Charles Aris Executive Search

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