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Three trends our team is currently seeing in the industrial space

by Bryce Koonts and Taylor Rouse

As the US partner of Intersearch, Charles Aris continues to place executive-level talent across the engineering, operations and supply chain spaces, they’ve become cognizant of emerging trends across the industrial landscape. As we come to the close of Q3, here are three major findings that may help you prepare for the remainder of 2022.

Hiring is on track despite recession concerns

While leaders across industries have speculated over a possible recession, we’re not seeing any notable indications of one to date. Hiring among industrial organizations has continued to be quite robust, and while we have seen a few sectors stabilize to some degree, we haven’t experienced any hiring freezes, which would historically indicate the beginning of a recession.

Supply chain continues to pose challenges, but organizations have learned to adapt

Many organizations continue to face issues that were exposed at the height of the pandemic, but these problems are no longer dominating the landscape. This is largely due to adaptations within organizations themselves, where leaders have gotten a better handle on managing expectations. Informing customers and clients of the higher cost of production and potential shipping delays has reduced sensationalism around these issues by giving everyone a realistic idea of the cost and time behind shipping and importation.

Organizations are demonstrating flexibility when hiring

While the experience required to fill top engineering, operations and supply chain roles is generally uncompromising, having a background in a relevant industry has become secondary to exceptional adaptability and/or process improvement skills. Organizations aren’t necessarily interested in candidates from completely opposite industries, but someone with the ability to evaluate operations and adapt to dynamic industry changes is becoming a more valuable asset than someone with experience in a specific industry.

The takeaway

We haven’t witnessed any transformative changes like we saw in the last two years taking place in 2022, but we have seen the industrial space begin to stabilize. Overall, hiring is staying steady, organizations are better equipped to deal with supply chain issues and our team remains optimistic about the immediate future.


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Multiple growth in 2 years – How does InterSearch members collaborate on an international executive search project?
Successful searching for a President to a manufacturing company responsible for several markets

Joint project of InterSearch Russia and InterSearch Europe.

Natalya Chuiko, Department Director at Kontakt InterSearch Russia, Project Manager, describes the challenges of the international assignment and the positive conclusion.


An international family-owned manufacturing company had a need to select a successor for the presidency, who would be in charge of the Eastern European macro-region. The new leader had to fulfill the task of increasing the market share in these regions, as well as quickly, smoothly and efficiently launch local production. This multinational company headquartered in Europe is a global client of InterSearch in various countries.

The main challenges

It was important for the client to see an expat in this role. On the one hand, the candidate had to have experience in innovative businesses and be adept at the best western business practices. It was also agreed that he or she would participate in the work of the European industry association. On the other hand, it was important that the manager had an excellent understanding of the Russian market, understood the mentality and also spoke Russian, because for the tasks assigned it was required to communicate with specialists who did not speak foreign languages well.

The area of responsibility of the new director assumed a huge scale. The segment in which the company operates is narrow and requires work experience in leading companies with similar specifics. All these conditions made the search incredibly difficult: it turned out that there were only a few candidates on the market who could qualify for the position.

Project progress and details

The entire project took 8 months from the start of negotiations with the client. The consultants conducted a careful and scrupulous search for candidates who could meet all the stated requirements. As a result, the team managed to get to know the head of the Russian branch of a large international company and introduce him to the client.

As an expat, the candidate was fluent in Russian, had a vast strategic experience and industry knowledge. But most importantly, he fully shared the family values of the company, which declares honest relationships and attention to employees.

An important point was the negotiation of a motivating compensation package with the candidate, for whom it was important to maintain the usual level of income. In addition to paying for housing, as well as extra benefit (driver, insurance, etc.), the social package included compensation for the education of the candidate’s children, which constituted a significant part of his annual income. By agreeing to take over the tuition fees, the employer reaffirmed the company’s focus on people and family values. Such a caring attitude of the employer persuaded the candidate to take the offer. Thus, the social package in the first year amounted to almost 10.5 million rubles.


For the last 2 years after the candidate was hired, the company has been demonstrating multiple growth and increasing dynamics, overtaking all market players. The production was successfully launched and became the catalyst for a quantum leap forward. Observing the results, we can safely say that the employer’s multimillion-dollar investment in a key manager not only paid off, but also returned with a huge plus. Today it is a company in which almost all candidates in this segment dream of working.

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