Back to Nature - Happy Individual

Back to nature – a break from Social Media

In a world full of smart devices, VR technology, reality shows, social media, bitcoins, it’s easy to lose yourself and become addicted to virtual life. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others have transformed how we communicate, both personally and professionally.

Back to Nature - Happy IndividualIt is hard not to notice, that smart devices have changed the way we think and interact. It has a major impact on our relationships, family time and work-life balance.  We slowly lose the ability to deeply concentrate and it can cause anxiety and depression. We started to use them out of loneliness and today, due to overuse,  I think it made us a lot less productive. Mindlessly spending time on a computer, phone and tablets is preventing us to find more creative solutions to problems and it’s distracting us from connecting with our inner selves.

We are caught in the lives of others on social media and forget how to live ours. We work in jobs that don’t challenge us and rather observe others on social media, how they found and now enjoy their dream job (Did they really?). Social media made us obsessed with these »perfect« lives that others live and made us forget how to actually live ours… physically… outside… Just a  breath of fresh air can be all we need to centre on ourselves again. Instead, we are caught on computers and mobile phones and we have become accessible for everyone at any time. There is no time reserved only for our partners, friends, family or ourselves because we feel the need to be available and online. But that makes us not present at the moment.

There is the one thing that existed long before we did – it’s called nature. We need to go out and experience the beauty and peace that surrounds us. We are thinking too much about the past and way too much about the future, but we are not present in the given moment of time and not aware that the only thing that matters is – now. Our lives became so busy, but our minds became even busier. So it’s very important to find connection with nature again, find a good place where you can sit down, relax and observe. This is the way to find connection to yourself again and remember who you truly are.

If you want to become a happy individual, you should always follow your heart and take time for yourself:

  • Find your lost passion again / hobby – things you enjoyed doing as a kid
  • Social interaction – call a friend, visit a friend – instead of commenting on her/his photo on social media
  • Go out! – go walking, running, hiking, climb that tree, roll yourself on the grass… anything that makes you feel alive – it’s a great stress buster
  • Learn to keep away from your screens!

Happy Individual = Happy Employee = Happy Company = Happy Customer

So, if you find inner peace and happiness in your private life, it will also reflect professionally. Only a happy individual can bring added value to the company. Researches show that when workers are happy, they are more effective collaborators working towards common goals. When the person is feeling positive, he/she tends to be more creative and better at solving problems.  It’s a win-win situation!

We should all learn to live a simple life in the modern world and occupy ourselves with things we love to do.

Never forget to take »me time« to experience your own quiet peace and the true you.

Romana Kovács – Managing Director InterSearch Slovenia
Aleksandra Jerina – Operations Manager InterSearch Slovenia

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Back to nature - a break from Social Media

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