The Importance of Leader Resilience for Senior Management Recruitment

Today’s pace is rapid with daily waves of disruptions, some the size of tsunamis, forcing businesses to adapt or die. Resilience is required to lead companies through the challenging and sometimes risky process of change demanded by tsunamis, such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, geopolitical challenges, globalisation, and increasing regulatory pressures. Mindcor explores this leadership quality and its importance for success through senior management recruitment.

Those of us who have written exams, cycled the Cape Epic, or been in long-term relationships have an understanding of the concept of resilience when it comes to our personal lives. But, how does this quality translate into corporate leadership for senior management, and why is it so important?

Organisational research shows that when faced with stressful situations, such as ambiguity or newness, resilient leaders find ways to move forward without clinging to outdated strategies or behaviours, without getting stuck. They acknowledge the reality of situations, absorb the complexities of change, improvise, and adapt, while also viewing possible setbacks as growth opportunities. They exude a positive attitude that is contagious and enables them to rally their teams to perform well, even during turbulent periods. Their confidence and clear direction are infused into their teams and they bounce back quickly from stressful situations.

Psychologists have found that resilient leaders draw on emotional intelligence (EQ) competencies, such as self-belief, optimism, purposeful direction, ingenuity, emotional regulation, empathy, and awareness of others.

These competencies help them to limit behaviours that are not helpful and to increase those that are. Developing the skill to manage our emotions allows us to recover our equanimity when we are stretched beyond our limits, and to engage positively with others in the process. It is, therefore, evident that leaders are not only expected to possess high IQs, but also high EQs. Leaders with high EQs make better decisions under stress and are willing to take risks while remaining focused. Their positive outlook and steady goal-focus foster calm, motivational work environments. The alternative is confusion, fear, chaos, uncertainty, and fragmented teams with little motivation and loyalty.

The true measure of a leader is how they perform during the difficult times, not just the good ones. It is during these stressful periods that leaders can demonstrate their courage, emotional strength, resilience, and integrity to do what’s right.

Research on team dynamics shows that staff need their leaders to be strong, composed, and positive during change. They need senior management that keeps them focused on their objectives, whilst acknowledging their concerns, have their best interests at heart, and provide necessary support.

The conclusion from the research is clear: resilient leaders who positively influence those around them achieve bottom-line success for their organisations. It is the standard equation of happy, motivated staff equals happy customers, which in turn equals profit.

For advice on how to test for executive resilience before conducting senior management recruitment or on how to create a culture of resilience, contact us today.

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The Importance of Leader Resilience for Senior Management Recruitment

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