InterSearch's Values & Commitment

As a leading Global Alliance of Executive Search Firms, we commit to:


We strive to be the highest quality network in global executive search. In all our methods we aspire to set the standard others pursue.


  • We are proactive drivers of growth, profitability and success for ourselves and for our InterSearch partners.
  • We promote global business by developing and cultivating referral sources.
  • We engage InterSearch in our local business, supporting and developing the global brand.

Client Focus & Intimacy

  • We treat our clients as business partners, striving to conduct all our searches flawlessly.
  • We manage client relationships and search engagements effectively, staying attentive to clients' needs and establishing client trust and loyalty to maximize retention.

Business Ethics

  • We respect all confidential information entrusted to us by clients, candidates, and InterSearch partners and staff.
  • We aim to be positive role models, inspiring other and setting good examples that benefit the long-term interests of clients, the InterSearch organization and its partners.
  • We comply with both local and InterSearch regulations and endorse corporate social responsibility.

Integrity & Trust

  • We conduct all business activities with unwavering integrity, honesty and forthright behavior, working with member countries openly - knowing that our success depends on our relationships with each other, our clients, and our candidates.
  • We exercise good judgment - never circumventing policies and procedures, and resisting the temptation to ignore questionable practices - while supporting decisions made by the Board and SQC.


  • We share cross-border business.
  • We are accurate and transparent in all forms of communication with InterSearch partners, responding to calls and emails within 24 hours and exchanging information as requested.
  • We are motivated team players eager to assist and build strong internal relationships with other InterSearch partners.

Our Commitment

Every day we live by our core values, respecting the organization and its decisions, its partners and its clients.

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